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BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer

BACtrack Digital Breathalyzer

Designed in the USA, the BACtrack B70 is one of the sleekest, most innovative breathalyzers available. It combines a compact, user-friendly design with advanced BluFire™ Alcohol Sensing Technology. This provides accurate and reliable test results at an affordable price. The BACtrack B70 offers an easy way to track your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) instantly.

Key Features:

  • No Mouthpiece Necessary -- Simply exhale into breath tube for easy testing
  • Uses Patent-Pending BluFire Technology to provide extremely accurate test results
  • Sleek, Compact Design easily fits into a pocket or purse
  • Full One-Year Warranty<
  • Obtained FDA 510(k) Pre-Market Clearance

No Mouthpiece Necessary

Because the BACtrack B70 does not require users to touch their lips to a mouthpiece, it is easy to share with multiple users and to test multiple subjects. This is helpful in a social setting, when multiple people may be sharing the device. Simply test, restart, and test again. In addition to speeding up the testing process, this feature also saves money. Mouthpieces never need to be purchased.

Advanced BluFire Technology

After eight years of scientific testing and development, BACtrack's BluFire Sensor Technology sets a new standard for accurate and affordable breathalyzers. It provides extremely accurate test results by steadying airflow inside the tester and requiring a deep lung air sample for each test. Each test result is clearly displayed within three seconds in increments of 0.01 %BAC from 0.00 - 0.40 %BAC.

Additional Features:

  • On-screen instructions guide users when to wait and when to exhale
  • Inverse LCD Display -- White digits on a black background make test results easy to view in daylight and at night
  • Hold power for five seconds to display the total number of tests performed
  • Tap-Proof Power Button -- Prevents the BACtrack B70 from accidentally turning on

The BACtrack B70's unique user operation also helps provide consistent test results. By exhaling with the mouth open and close to the breathalyzer, users create a steady and repeatable breath sample that can be quickly analyzed.

The BACtrack B70 Kit Includes

  • B70 Breathalyzer
  • Soft Carrying Pouch
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Owner's Manual
  • Full One Year Warranty

Choose from two colors, Polished Black or Polished White.

The BACtrack B70 runs on two AA batteries (not included).

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Sale Price: $79.99
BACtrack B70 Breathalyzer